Welcome to the Mooey project page! 

Mooey is a C# .Net program that takes in musical data formats and provides a way to do stuff on the output side. Such as: key strokes, piano notes, midi, serial data connections to microcontrollers, etc. Some news will prolly show up here. Check out the Downloads page for download links, and Tutorials to see how to set the program up. 

Some history about the program: 

A few years ago I built some hardware to play music with a microcontroller. However after realizing how much memory used by one set of musical data I put the project aside. Last year I started playing FFXIV and they had a performance mode that basically just takes in keystrokes to produce music. Since my old project could do anything on the hardware HID level, I started adapting and expanding the program. Project started running in 32kb of program memory. But, finding that the limited storage was an issue, I moved the data to a PC and streamed it to the microcontroller. 

Next, I abandoned the microcontroller and focused on keeping everything PC side. By this stage the musicXML format was heavily integrated into the musical structure. And after most of the bugs were worked out it was rewritten. It started to deviate from relying on the specific specs to musicXML and more to the specifications of actual music. Lastly, I began the latest rewrite for MacroMusicUI a few months ago. Which vastly improved playback and reduced bugs. Most errors happen from improper initial setup. A few other bugs are minor things, so this build is feature frozen while work is finished on the rebranded Mooey project.